OMNICIYE (Ohm-mee-chee-ye) is Lakota for “coming together for a common purpose”. Little Earth and Hennepin County have come together for the purpose of improving the lives of Little Earth families.

On-site and located in the Neighborhood Early Learning Center), Omniciye offers access to Hennepin County services and unique programs of its own for all Little Earth residents. In addressing resident’s needs, the program focuses on recognizing and building upon the unique strengths of each family to empower and support the family towards holistic living. Key to this approach is the Wheel of Wellness. Omniciye also provides community resources. In its office residents can find needed forms, telephones,  computers, fax machines and friendly staff willing to assist.


Omniciye Coaching Team

The Omniciye Coaching Team uses the Omniciye Wheel of Wellness based on the belief of balanced mind-body-spirit living to build relationships, hope and trust. To support participants’ goals, the Coaching Team:

1.   Provides crisis/ case management services to promote family wellness and stability   by:

  •  Teaching families how to navigate Hennepin County programs services and systems
  •  Connecting families to culturally appropriate community resources
  • Providing a continuum of coaching and counseling
  • Promoting mind-body-spiritual wellness

2.   Promotes self-determination and community connectedness by:

  • Meeting residents where they are at
  • Providing residents with space, language and options to create their own goals
  • Helping people know they belong and bring value to their community

3.   Nurtures and furthers the Little Earth Community to better their lives by helping residents connect mind, body and spirit


The Community Connector: Develops community partnerships through education and involvement which support the elders, youth and families of the Little Earth Community. Planning, coordination, organization, and promotion of LE community events. Supporting elder advocacy through:

  • Promoting elder rights and safety
  • Supporting and nurturing the Elders’ Circle of Support (includes facilitating the elders group and home visiting.)
  • Generating inter-generational opportunities.
  • Collaborating to secure and support on-site employment opportunities at Little Earth for elders
  • Providing on-site Rule 25 Assessments; coordinating with treatment centers and funding providers
  • Working with our Urban Indian Community partners to find positive and creative ways to combat health disparities


Access to Public Assistance Programs: Omniciye provides on-site access to public assistance programs (cash, food, medical assistance and emergency assistance) administered by Hennepin County.


  • Applications for all public assistance programs are available at the Omniciye office.
  • Anyone on lease at Little Earth can apply.
  • Residents who qualify for public assistance can request having their case ser­viced by the Omniciye “Eligibility” worker at the Omniciye office.


Omniciye offers a variety of culturally-specific services and other resources to Little Earth Community members:


  • Immediate counseling or on-going case management services to assist families with mental health needs; chemical health support; child protection case plans; and resource mapping and referrals.
  • Chemical health assessments and referrals.
  • Psycho-educational groups: Positive Indian Parenting, wellness, school success, crafting, child development and grief retreats to address historical trauma.
  • School Support regarding attendance, conferences, Individualized Education Plan development, advocacy, and extracurricular activities.
  • Elder Services.
  • Business supports — access to computers, telephones and fax machines.


Contact Information

Omniciye Program

LE NELC (basement level)

2438 18th Ave South

Minneapolis, MN 55404


Office hours:  M-F: 8:00-4:30PM

Main Line: 612-543-0292

Main Fax: 612-677-6089.