Marty Good Bear Saves the Little Earth Christmas Present Program with Generosity

Every year, the Little Earth Christmas Present Program is one of the organization’s most popular programs. It allows Little Earth parents to have presents to give their children on Christmas. This past Christmas however, the event did not receive an essential source of funding and was in danger of not happening. However, due to a generous gift from Marty Good Bear, a member of the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota, the Christmas Present Program was stronger than ever!

Marty is the youngest of his family of many siblings. He cares deeply about his culture and people. A champion hoop dancer, he has two adult children and his son is serving in the US Army.

Little Earth board member Jean Howard remembers, “One day, a month before Christmas I was visiting Marty and he was telling me how he remembered Christmas as a young boy living on the Fort Berthold Reservation. Marty remembers he didn’t have much on Christmas. At the time it didn’t bother him, as his family did all they could to have a nice Christmas. But as a man he remembered and wanted to do something special for the Native children at Little Earth.” Marty told Jean, “I would love to help the children of Little Earth who have little for Christmas. This would mean a lot to me. I want to donate for this cause!’ Jean told him she was a Board Member of Little Earth and that she could set this up. He smiled and replied “set it up”!

Little Earth of United Tribes thanks Marty Good Bear for his generosity in supporting our community.


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